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  Kung Fu Tea Ceremony Set

FUNNEL: To be placed on the opening of the teapot to ease the pouring of dry tea leaves into teapot; not a required tool if you have a steady hand
SCOOP: For scooping the tea leaves out from the canister and pouring them into the teapot
SPATULA: To be used after pincers for removing leftover leaves sticking to the inside the teapot; or for removing foam on the surface of the first brew.
PINCERS: For griping the used tea leaves that are ready to be discarded and taking them out of the teapot
PICK: For dislodging stuck tea leaves in the spout
TEA CANISTER: Materials can range from tin, porcelain to ceramic. Well-made tin canisters are excellent insulators and are very expensive. Porcelain materials are ideal for storing semi-fermented and moderately baked teas such as oolong, chin hsuan and Tieh Kuan Yin. Ceramic canisters are more suitable for darker teas, such as puerh or tea king.
Tea Dish
TEA DISH: This dish-funnel combination accessory can substitute the funnel in the tea ceremony tools set. Before brewing, one can examine and smell the fragrant leaves in the cup. To pour the leaves into the teapot, just tilt the funnel part downward and align it with the teapot's top. A spatula can be used to shovel the tea leaves.
STRAINER: To be placed on the top of the pitcher; filters out tiny leaf shreds
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, DRINKING & SCENT CUP:The set is ideal for tea like Oolong, Chin Hsuan and Tieh Kuan Yin in which the scent of tea lingers and changes over time. First pour the tea into the scent cup, then empty the tea into the drinking cup. Smell the empty scent cup and then drink from the drinking cup. Try smelling the scent cup again when it cools down a bit. The scent cup is sometimes called aroma cup.
TEA PITCHER: Pour brew tea from teapot into pitcher, then pour tea from pitcher into small teacups so that the flavor is evenly distributed and the tiny particles are settled at the bottom.
Tea tray
BAMBOO TEA TRAY: It can come with a liner or without a liner. Other possible materials for tea tray are porcelain, wood, stone and ceramic.
Tea boat
CLAY TEA BOAT: Same function as a tea tray
Tea towel
TEA TOWEL: For wiping any spilled liquid or water stains at the bottoms of teapot and pitcher.
Tea receptacle
CLAY RECEPTACLE: A dumpster for discarding used tea leaves and water
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