Q: What is the tea of choice for dieting?

A: This is a frequently asked question from our customers and it is a question to which we cannot give a satisfactory answer. Many tea vendors sell teas on the market that are labeled as "diet teas" but we do not carry such teas. We believe that all teas are good for health and there is no single tea better than the rest. There is no tea on the market that can guarantee to help you lose weight. Dieting cannot simply be achieved by drinking certain kind of tea alone. Tea is no magic bullet.

Ongoing scientific researches have theorized that teas are good for teeth, for heart and for cancer prevention. Some findings claimed that green teas and white teas are the best. Others maintained that black teas and oolong teas are equally beneficial. We think that choosing a tea that you like is more important than what the marketers would like you to buy. Each tea has its own uniqueness and benefits. Why restrict yourself to certain choice of tea just for dieting? After all, tea drinking should be an enjoyable experience.

Choose a tea that you like. Choose a high-quality tea so that it tastes pleasing to your palate. You will continue to drink tea and before you even realize it, tea drinking has become a part of your daily lifestyle. Together with proper nutrition and exercise, you will begin to feel and see the benefits of tea drinking.
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