Tea Workshops
  We now offer lessons to anyone who is interested in learning about teas. Our instructors have knowledgeable experiences in teaching tea ceremony classes. Lessons can be either in private lesson format or group class format. Lesson day and time can be arranged according to fit your schedule.
  Our previous tea ceremony classes have covered the following topics:
  • INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE TEA: history of tea, Lu Yuh's book on teas, Chinese 6 types of tea processing, price vs. value, health benefits
  • LEARNING ABOUT CHINESE TEAWARE: clay teapots vs. teapots of other materials, names of different forms of teapot, how to choose a clay teapot, how to care for your clay teapots, teapot seasonings, functions of tea accessories, tea storage
  • CHINESE TEA INFUSION: hands-on practice in brewing different kinds of teas, common rituals of Chinese tea ceremony, attributes in making a good cup of tea, impact of water on taste, cold brewing method, gaiwan method, tea placements, regional preferences in taste
  • TEAS IN THE WESTERN WORLD: (intermediate level) examine well-known teas other than the teas from Taiwan and China, flavored teas, blended teas, how these teas are infused, black tea grading system
  • PUERH TEAS IN DEPTH: (advanced level) tea tasting of new, aged, raw and cooked puerh, price vs. quality, future trend, investing in puerh tea, what to watch out for in buying puerh
  • OOLONG TEAS IN DEPTH: (advanced level) tea tasting of different oolong varieties, taste vs. aroma, proper infusion methods, examine how the teas from these areas differ
  • GREEN TEAS IN DEPTH: (advanced level) tea tasting of green teas from Japan, China and Taiwan, examine how the teas from these areas differ
  The cost of the lesson can vary depending on how many persons are enrolled in a meeting. For intermediate and advanced lessons, the fee will be higher because of the amount of materials covered. For Intro to Chinese Tea, Learning about Chinese Teaware, Chinese Tea Infusion, the fee is $25 per person and there is no minimum number of people. For private, one-to-one workshop, the class is 90 minutes. For two or more people, the class is 120 minutes.
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