Dai Yu Lin (Oolong)

At 2600 meters in elevation, Dai Yu Lin is a region in central Taiwan that produces the most expensive tea in Taiwan. The tea can only be harvested twice a year because of the extremes in climate. At times, the tea trees may encounter frosty weather conditions and thus the whole crop would be ruined. In this case, the tea growers would have to wait for the next plucking season to make up for their loss. As a result, teas from Dai Yu Lin are extremely expensive.

Tea from Dai Yu Lin is usually baked very, very lightly in order to fully preserve the refreshing fragrance of this high-mountain tea. Polyphenols and amino acid L-theanine are quite abundant in this tea. Compared to other high-mountain teas, this tea's sweetness stays longer in your palate and the aroma is very long-lasting.

  Make sure the brewing temperature is not too high or else you will risk scorching the tealeaf. The ideal temperature for brewing this tea is about 90°C.

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