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  For a long time, this tea is grown not for domestic consumption but for export only, mainly to Western Europe.
Also called "white-tipped oolong," this tea has white tips on the spear-like leaves and the hue of the leaves comes in five colors: white, orange, red, green and black.
The tea is primarily grown in Hsinchu of Taiwan and harvested only once a year. The reason is that only in June, the native green leaf-hoppers will suck on the young leaves, and thereby, resulting in a strong lemon and honey aroma in the tea. Interestingly, the more leaves bitten by these insects, the better the tastes becomes.
  Because the oxidation process is quite lengthy, this tea tastes more like black tea. The color of the tea liquor is dark amber.
The ideal temperature for brewing this tea is 85°C.

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