Shan Lin Hsi Oolong

Shan Lin Hsi is one of the many well-known tea producing mountains of Taiwan. This area only grows one tea variety: Green-Hearted oolong.
Although the elevation is only around 1600 meters, Shan Lin Hsi oolong tea gives off aroma that is very close to Li Shan oolong tea, but only at a fraction of the Li Shan oolong price. The hills of Shan Lin Hsi are very skewed and thereby providing the perfect environment for tea tree growths.
  The tea from Shan Lin Hsi is usually lightly baked, light body and characterized by a sweet and fresh scent. The ideal water temperature is 90 - 95°C. Brew this tea with a clay teapot and savor with aroma cup to fully experience the fragrant nature of the tea.

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