Tieh Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

The process of growing and making this tea is first developed three hundreds years ago in Fujian's Anxi area.
It is well documented that in 1919 the Chang brothers brought the tree specimen into Taiwan and planted in Mutza.
  Our Tieh Kuan Yin today is still grown in the Mutza area of northern Taiwan.
Subject to a complicated process of repeated rolling and baking, Tieh Kuan Yin yields dark amber color liquor.
This tea is partially fermented and rolled into spherical shape.
It is a tea not to be taken lightly; it offers strong and thick flavors and enduring aftertastes.
In recent years, variations of Tieh Kuan Yin have appeared on the market due to the increase demand in consumer's preference for lighter taste.
Other than the aforementioned method of processing, some Tieh Kuan Yin are processed in the method similar to those of high mountain oolong and therefore, yields totally different taste from those of the traditional method.
We offer the traditional Tieh Kuan Yin product that has been around for hundreds of years.
The ideal temperature for brewing this tea is 95°C.

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